I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Snoopy

We're happy to tell you that Snoopy has a new furever home.
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My name is Snoopy and I have a little story to tell.

Before I entered the Amazing Dogs rescue, I was living with my boss in TJ for many years. We were a good team! He was guarding some parking lot and I was always by his side. If bad people showed up, I helped him get them out of there. It was a good and rewarding job and we had a great friendship.

Unfortunately one day we were forced out of our house. As my boss didn't have money to rent another house, he had no choice but to share a room with some friend. This friend was not such a nice guy and told my boss there was no place for me ...

Fortunately my boss knew Patrick from Amazing Dogs. He made a call and the same day I met Patrick. He seemed like a nice guy and he took me home to his house. What a surprise when I got there: I thought I would be the only four-legged one, but it turned out there were many, many more doggies! Well it didn't matter, because after making it clear to the others that I was not to be messed with, I got along with most of them quite well.

Patrick told me from the beginning that he would take care of me until he would find a permanent home for me. His home was a temporary home, but one that I could always return to if I didn't like my new family or vice versa.

So after a couple of months staying at Patrick's house, we went on a trip in the car (I love that!) to meet the new family. After a quick meet and greet everybody agreed that they would be my new caregivers. They seemed quite nice people to me so I was on board.

After a few weeks being at their place, I started to get bored and decided to take up my old job: guarding the property and keeping things in order. One of the things my great grandfather taught me was to herd sheep. I like doing that. At first it seemed as if the kids in this family liked it it, but when I started to nip them (gently of course) to get them in the corner, the head of the family became really upset with me. I thought I was doing him a favor by keeping his kids in a corner, but apparently he didn't appreciate that.

He also didn't appreciate that, when this total stranger entered the house one day (unannounced, no proper introduction) I bit him in the back leg to make it clear he was not welcome. He was actually so upset with me that he called Patrick and told him he could no longer be my caregiver. I really didn't understand that. I was just doing what I have always done: be a great companion and guard for my master.

So now I am back at Patrick's place. Which is good, I like it here. Patrick calls me the 'Most Loyal Dog Ever'. I guess that is because I am ALWAYS by his side. When it rains or gets cold, the other dogs go in their house, but I prefer to sit by the door and watch Patrick. I know he will always be there for me.

Patrick tells me he will find me a home where I can be myself. No kids, no strangers coming into the house unannounced. Preferably a house with a big yard or maybe even a ranch, that I can guard from all the dangers that are around us. That would be cool!


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