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Our Dogs Need Your Help

The rescue dogs who are under our care need a new, safe place to live and recover before finding their new, forever homes. They need a big enough area that has the facilities to give each of them the necessary care.
The shelter that we want to build can house up to 100 dogs at a time. As every dog spends an average of 45 days in our rescue before being re-homed, this shelter can help almost 1,000 dogs per year to escape the suffering from the streets and provide them a loving, forever home.
Adoption fees will cover the shelter's operational costs, but your help is needed to purchase the land and fund the construction of the building.

The project to build the Amazing Dogs Shelter consists of 3 phases:

Purchase of Land

October 2021


November 2021 - April 2022


April 2022

In total we need $275,000 to realize this project.

Commit yourself to make a tangible contribution in this project and sign up for one of the following packages:



You commit to raising a total of $2,000 among your friends and family. If you achieve this goal, you will be rewarded with 10,000 Points to get to Dog Heaven.



You commit to raising a total of $5,000 among your friends and family. You will receive 25,000 Points to get to Dog Heaven, and I will stand at the gate to welcome you personally (I hope this will take many years, though)!



You commit to raising a total of $10,000 among your friends and family. You will receive 100,000 Points to get into Dog Heaven, where 2 Labradors will be at your service to make your eternal life as pleasant as possible.

Great Dane


You have an extra $275,000 in the bank that you don't need but want to put to good use. You're my man (or woman)! Access to Dog Heaven is guaranteed, no matter which sins you committed during your life on earth. Your eternal life among our 4-legged friends in Dog Heaven will be beyond your imagination.

Sign up now and start raising the funds and let’s build this shelter!

If you don't feel comfortable to sign up for a package, you can also simply donate.

How Will the Shelter Look?

The Amazing Dogs shelter will have 2 floors. On the first floor will be the facilities (examination room, recovery room etc), housing areas for the adult dogs and playground. On the 2nd floor will be the housing quarters for puppies and moms with puppies.

The shelter will help 1000 dogs per year to recover from the suffering in the streets before they go to their new home.


Patrick Lepere

Telephone: 619-918 2142

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